3D Floor Paint Constructions Service

We specialize in 3D housing floor painting construction, 3D feng shui mirror floor painting, 3D artist painting, 3D walls, ceilings, floors painting, …
Our 3D paint product line includes the following types: Paints 3D floor images & patterns, Feng shui mirror color floor paint, 3D painting artist paints, 3D floor paint combined with new materials.

Why do we choose 3D floor paint?

Perhaps this is a question of many people, why do we choose 3D floor paint rather than ceramic tiles, wooden floors,…?

The following are the advantages of 3D floors compared to ceramic tiles, wooden floors,… such as : 3D shiny floor surface – Non-slip, bearing, good scratch resistance – Moisture proof, easy to clean floors –
Instant floor surface blocks without seams such as ceramic tiles or wooden floors should have a high aesthetic … Good warranty.

3D floor paint with photos and patterns

This is a line of 3D paint products that cover the image. The advantages of 3D visual paint line are high durability, strong anti-abrasion, anti-fading, high aesthetics, many images and designs for you to choose,
or you can design your own images and then our staff will apply that image on the floor or wall for you.

For a free consultation and quote please click here:
https://sonsannha3d.com/bao-gia/ (The price depends heavily on the construction area and the surface of the construction surface) or call the hotline: 0901.803 .586 (Mr. Hieu) – 0937.158.639 (Mr. Han).

    3D artist painting

    The 3D artist painting, 3D floor painting, 3D wall painting, 3D ceiling painting bring a new space, vivid, depth images attract viewers.
    Products painted by our own artist are very beautiful and crisp, high artistic nature, unique.

    For a free consultation and quote please click here:
    https://sonsannha3d.com/bao-gia/ (The price depends heavily on the construction area and the surface of the construction surface) or call the hotline: 0901.803 .586 (Mr. Hieu) – 0937.158.639 (Mr. Han).


    Create artworks in a unique way with 3D floors

    3D floors are more than just decoration in a simple way. If executed to ensure quality, this promises to give you a living space as a work of caliber art with colorful.

    When constructing floors, you can choose for yourself between many different forms such as tiles or wooden floors.
    However, these are all traditional solutions, not creating new ways or innovations. If you want to give your living space a new style, modern and sophisticated, 3d floor is the choice you should consider.

    3d floor paint is a new technology in Vietnam market but has been very popular in developed countries in Europe. Upon arrival, this construction solution created a new breeze.
    At the same time, because of the extremely strong development trend, certainly in the near future, 3d floor paint will bring an impressive breakthrough in the field of high-end furniture.

    What is 3d floor paint?

    Have you ever come across the appearance of unique floor images with waves and sandy beach or vivid nature on the internet?
    At this time, you often wonder whether the floor image is real or not, is this a product of technology or photoshop? What is the truth here?

    What you see is purely true, what exists in reality. This is exactly what 3d floor paint can bring.

    Compare 3d floor paint with traditional floor furniture products?

    When it comes to traditional flooring, wood or tile are the two most popular options. So when compared to 3d floor paint, is this new technology special or not?

    When entering a room with 3d house paint, you will be overwhelmed by the unique beauty and elegance with colorful.
    The floor will exist as a work of art instead of the boredom of the simple patterns on ceramic tiles and granite. The special thing is that the artwork exists in a way that is true and extremely vivid.

    When it comes to this, many people will surely think that a beautiful work from 3d background paint will certainly be extremely “fragile, fragile”. But no, this product also impresses users because of its durability and extremely long life.
    This is thanks to the polymer-covered outer layer of plastic that gives resistance to force, UV, and water.
    During use, you can freely clean without worrying about discoloration of the floor or cracking. Even, the background color will be more beautiful when attention is paid attention regularly every day.

    Why do we need a quality 3d floor construction unit?

    Making a beautiful 3d epoxy floor is not easy. The process of 3d floor construction needs to be careful at every stage of implementation.
    Especially the process of handling the floor before construction should comply with certain principles.
    In the past, many families were concerned about the high price of 3d floors, so they painted 3d epoxy themselves in the hope of saving costs. However, the received results were not as expected.

    To create an art picture for the floor requires the hands of professional and skillful construction workers. This is also what HTD Construction Co., Ltd promises to bring to all customers.

    Through the process of formation and development, HTD constantly innovates and rises, always trying to keep up with market trends to provide customers with the best 3d floor construction services.
    Using the services of HTD Construction and Furniture Co., Ltd., you will have the opportunity to own a perfect living space with the appearance of extremely unique artwork.

    If you want to learn more about 3D floors. If you want to bring unique – luxurious – artworks into your living space.
    Not only trusted by the quality of service, we also offer the cheapest price of 3d floor construction market.
    For more information about this service, please contact HTD Construction Co., Ltd via hotline: 0901.803.586 – 0937.158.639.

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